Pro Tips

Pro Tips
Keep the Green Upfront!Simply put on the rubber cap once you are finished and use your index finger to hold it firmly in place. Then twist the insert forward, pushing the ash against the cap. This will grind down the ash and replace it with a fresh green toke for your next session 
Try not to get overly excited by over packing the blunt. This will make loading and twisting up so much easier. Simply pack recommend amount or less till chambers are fully loaded
Run water & blunt drop cleaner through the tube after each use. Hate cleaning bongs? So do we. Bongs are extremely annoying and hard to clean, leaving tar to build up. Our All Natural Blunt Drops Cleaner not only allows for a smoother cloud with it's organic coconut oil base but allows for easier cleaning and resin prevention after one use of the Blunt Drop Cleaner. Each of our Glass Blunts are simple to clean by running water through the tube with a few blunt drops and using the small bristle to get the fine holes in the mouth piece.Avoid rubber capping while the glass blunt tip is hot.This is why your kit includes two rubber caps. Capping the glass blunt while hot will distort and warp the rubber cap.


  • Twist it back then Twist it Front to get a perfect pack. After you've successfully twisted the twisted insert into the loaded glass tube, simply twist all the trees back until there is an empty first chamber then twist your trees forward (adjustably twisting back when needed) till trees are perfectly packed in each chamber of the blunt.